Website SEO Analysis

SEO Audit: What is it?

A SEO audit is the process of evaluating the healthiness of a certain website in several areas. With our own SEO analysis, we provide an in-depth review of your present website. We also provide you with organic strategy in the core areas used by search engines like Bing and Google as ranking factors in their search result pages.

During the SEO audit process, the auditor evaluates the website against a checklist that includes link profile analysis, blog sharing metrics and content optimization reviews. The auditor also digs into technical elements, mobile friendliness and keyword research. The SEO auditor will also review the website to determine the specific SEO best practices used in the site as well as to identify the main elements that are helpful in gaining rankings and in driving traffic from search engines.

After the evaluation, the auditor will then come up with recommendations of what needs to be changed and what needs to be fixed to further enhance the overall performance of the website.

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