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Why Should i Advertise on ADROLL?

ADROLL is an advertising agency that specializes in remarketing. Remarketing is a form of advertising which targets people who have already visited your website but who left without making a purchase. This type of advertising, done properly, can raise conversion rates to as much as 50%, which is an increase of 150% above the normal conversion rate of between 10%-30%.

adroll advertising

One of the biggest benefits of using Adroll retargeting is their immense reach—this agency is active in over 95% of all websites—including adroll Facebook retargeting.  They also use technology to segment the population, retargeting those who look at clothing in a different way than they retarget someone looking at flights overseas.

Of course, all this flexibility involves dictating what you are looking for.  The choices are monumental: there are settings for every type of person, location, specific types of environments, specific occupations, and so forth.  Every choice needs to be made with the best outcomes possible in mind, or you may send an ad meant for a young lady in New York to a shiite pasha in Afghanistan.  These are two very different people with different needs and outlooks on life and what would work for one would not work for the other.

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