Six Sure-Fire Tips for Successful Low Budget PPC Advertising

PPC advertisers do not always need to have a high budget to be able to gain a successful ad campaign. Even those with low budget can compete with giant business. These simple tips can help you obtain positive results on your PPC campaign even if you only have a small budget.


5 Easy Steps to Get 10/10 Keywords Quality Score in Google Adwords

If you are a pay per click marketer, you might have already known the essence of getting a high-Quality Score. These simple steps can help you to save money, improve PPC ad position and boost ad campaigns.

The Quality Score is a metric utilized by different PPC platforms such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords, in determining the eligibility of an ad that is being displayed on the results page of the search engines. It is also being used to determine the position of the advertisement in the search results as well as the amount that the advertiser need to pay for the said position.


The Reports Tab: Easiest Way to Create Reports

Google AdWords has added new feature called the reports tab, this useful feature will be rolled out to all accounts by upcoming few months. In case if you can’t see the reports tab in your account yet, you can still use the reports section in the left navigation bar to edit, find or remove reports.

The reports tab is the option where you can view, organize and evaluate all of your data. With this easy to use feature you can create advance tables, charts, and handy-ready made reports. In this feature you have the option to get visualized meaningful patterns and trends in your AdWords data.

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