Simple Ways to Fortify Security of Your WordPress Site

WordPress is undeniably the most popularly used blogging platform and CMS system today. But WordPress does not just stop from being the favorite system used by bloggers and businesses. It is also known as the hackers’ favorite target. This makes WordPress one of the most vulnerable sites in the world.


Why You Should Choose Shopify For Your Online Store

Of the five major platforms used for e-commerce today, namely; Volusion, BigCommerce, WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace, many online businesses have been using Shopify for no less than a year already. And most of the web-based stores that use Shopify have continued to grow their business over the years.

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Why Migrating to Magento a Better Step for Entrepreneurs

As the e-commerce gets more sophisticated and fast-growing nowadays, entrepreneurs have to always keep in track with the latest trends not just to be able to keep their business grow even more and to always keep their sales soaring at the optimum level but also to continue to satisfy their


The Reports Tab: Easiest Way to Create Reports

Google AdWords has added new feature called the reports tab, this useful feature will be rolled out to all accounts by upcoming few months. In case if you can’t see the reports tab in your account yet, you can still use the reports section in the left navigation


Remarketing with Google Analytics

Google has recently enabled its Remarketing feature for marketers. As opposed to having physically update site tags for Remarketing, clicking “Enable Remarketing” robotically turns on Advertiser Features and allows Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting.

For some advertisers, PPC Remarketing is a necessary strategy. But Remarketing can be a


Google’s Newly Launched Call Only campaigns

Smartphones have changed the way we live; mostly all of us are living our lives online. With these ultimate devices in hand, customers can look for services and products from anywhere anytime. Research shows that, 75% of conversions are coming straight from the mobile searches.



A Quick Guide to Increase Your Business With PPC Management Services

Building a brilliant and useful website is insufficient; you are likewise needed to attract significant traffic and enhance the rate of conversions. This is fundamental to expand the conceivable outcomes of productivity. If you are focusing on the most competitive keywords for your business, the way ahead is


Modern SEO to Develop Your Branding Power


The recent computerized background requires a more incorporated methodology to Search Engine Optimization. Today’s successful methods include a mix of high quality content and captivating social networking advertising with search optimization strategies to give approval and produce brand power after some time.

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