Call To Action Buttons For Business Pages Have Finally Arrived For Facebook

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The popularity of social networking is increasing day by day. Facebook is on a pick by introducing its new useful tools for business pages. If you haven’t heard this news, Facebook has announced the launch of ‘call-to-action buttons’ for all business pages.

Facebook is building a new unique way for individuals to interact easily with the businesses, as pages are essential targets for people on Facebook. This will help pages to drive more business objectives.

These buttons are presented with the purpose of redirecting visitors to Facebook business page towards most valued objective – whether your customer wants to e-mail you, contact you or many more things like that.
Let’s have a look at all the new ‘call-to-action buttons’ that were added recently to your favorite social networking site. You have the option to choose as an admin what you want from your visitors. Except the names of the buttons Facebook hasn’t informed any further details for these buttons.

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Most of the FB pages have already used these call to action buttons, and is superficially seeing good results with its sales:These buttons have rolled out across the United States on a priority basis; over the next few weeks of its launch and by the beginning of this year it will be available worldwide. Still for some small businesses it is in waiting list which should be done by March to April this year.