Real google ads specialists speak about improving Conversions & CPA on priority. All other detailed theories of advertising are just a waste of your time.

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Struggling to generate 5x, 10x revenues with Google Ads?

It is common to struggle with money wasted on flop campaigns only when a Google ads Master is not managing/optimizing your campaigns.
No one is Google ads masters since birth, but Masters are made with persistent experimentation, brainstorming, and focus to find out the right logical process in the direction of generating desired ROI for the client.
That’s where we have spent countless hours finding the right strategy to make your campaigns successful. While you could be investing that time and energy into improving your business, products, and services.

Let us worry about taking those actions which will improve your Conversions, CPA and grow your bottom line.

Pay Per ClickIs Our Core Expertise!

We started with Paid marketing as our core expertise and we have now reached a place where Google ranks WebIndia Inc in the top 1% of Google’s Partners worldwide based on the results we deliver our clients.
Customer Focused
4+ Certified Magento
Developer Plus
25+ Google Certified
Experts Inhouse
1000+ Project Completed,
Since Inception

Our experts help you with everything from campaign building, optimization to website management
and optimization in order to meet the bottom line and get the desired results.

How We Are Different From Other Agencies

Let’s look at the comparison between us and the other ppc agencies. What they say vs what Webindia INC says in different situations while managing & optimizing the PPC Campaigns.

What Other Agency Says…

Your CTR is less – your QS should improve, you don’t have ad extensions, you should not use BMM excessively into your keywords, etc.

What Webindia Inc Says…

“Your 80% budget is getting spent on this campaign, inside that 70% goes to this ad group, wherein your CPA is $80. I prefer to find our more realistic negatives out of this ad group to cut down your costs. And I will also expand the converting areas. By this, we will achieve your goal of $60 CPA.” 

What Other Agency Says…

Clicks on internal buttons & inner pages, Visit on the “contact us page, Number of times the Brochure got downloaded, Contact form step 1, Contact form final step. Let’s count all these as conversions

What Webindia Inc Says…

We will track “Contact form final step” as your primary conversion action.

What Other Agency Says…

We have a great idea for you! We will increase & improve your ROI through Brand-based keywords

What Webindia Inc Says…

Running a campaign for Xfinity Broadband with keywords like “Xfinity broadband, Xfinity broadband plans, etc.” & getting high conversions is not a performance milestone for us. Instead, it is running ads for keywords like “broadband deals in New York,” “broadband plans in New York,” etc. & generating excellent conversions with lowest CPA.

Real Google Ads Mastery = Optimization

Yes! Optimising a well-established account is a challenging task, risk & opportunity oriented, game-changer task. It’s the only task that proves who is a Real Google Ads Master. It’s a checkpoint wherein a Google Ads Certified professional has an opportunity to generate 5x, 10x revenues for the client. Everyone will agree that “no one is google ads master since born.” Everyone must learn, grasp, brainstorm, focus & find out the right logical process in the direction of generating good ROI for the client.

We OUTSMART. We Don’t OUTSPEND Your Competition

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WhyWebIndia Inc?

Keep Experimenting

It’s always advisable to “Keep experimenting” Continuity of efforts, without relaxation of success, is the only way to cross timeless achievements. I don’t mean “We should not celebrate the success.” Do party for every success, but never stop experimenting.

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What Our Client’s Says...

Some of our top Google Ads Experts Trusted by Upwork with a work history of 25000+ hours and 500+ Businesses.

Jaikishan Bajaj

Ahmedabad, India
12+ years experience | Certified Google Adwords PPC Specialist
Job Success:100%
Total Job:163
Hours worked:9,423

Roshan Bajaj

Ahmedabad, India
12+ Years experienced Certified Google Adwords / Google Ads | PPC Expert
Job Success:93%
Total Job:143
Hours worked:10,316

Our Technological Capabilities

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