Magento Upgration

Upgration Advantages

At Web India Inc., we believe that upgrading the Magento Enterprise system is best left professionals, who have both the tools and expertise necessary to make the complicated process of upgrading as pleasant an experience as possible.

Your Site Never Goes Down

Your site is never down while we are upgrading your Magento files, neither is your business.  We build and run a test site to find all possible complications before implementing any upgrades.  This means that your business is never disrupted for upgrading.

Fixing Bugs

We make sure while doing the testing that all bugs are eliminated. Our programmers will work on the site to clean all problems and potential problems. Our goal is to improve your site’s operation, and we don’t stop until we have succeeded.

Proactive Service

Without you, our business would not exist.  We know that.  So we are there from testing to implementing your upgrades to make sure the process is as hassle- free as possible.

No Data Loss

Because we run a test site before we integrate the new upgrades, you never suffer from data loss.  We completely back up your site before we do anything that could affect your data.

Support When You Need It

Our support doesn’t end with implementation.  If you ever experience any problems afterwards, we are there to help you fix your issues.