Mobile Ads

What is Mobile Advertising ?


Who does not own a mobile phone?  Mobile phones, commonly called cell phones, are more and more prevalent these days.  Because of this, there is a relatively new field of advertising called Mobile PPC.  This involves putting pay-per-click ads on a mobile site for transmission to mobile phones, cell phones, smart phones, and PDA’s.  Mobile PPC can be very lucrative because of several reasons.  First, since it is a relatively new field, there are relatively few advertisers bidding for spots to place their ads.  So those advertisers who get in the field now will find themselves making extravagant amounts of money.  Secondly, because hand-held devices are more capable today than yesterday, and because the phones have developed capabilities that allow them to rival a desk-top computer, they now have the capability of displaying an ad properly.  There are also many people who would rather see an ad on their phone and click on the link it contains so they can talk to the manager and place and order than fill out an order form.

These people, however, are mostly interested in local businesses and are looking to fulfill an immediate need rather than people who are on a desktop and are looking for the best price.  So if I have a business that depends on  a local customer base, I would be very interested in mobile ads optimization.  Not only do the habits of people change when they are on a mobile device, the device itself has made changes to advertising.  The mobile phone can hold only 3 lines of code.  One displays the name of the business; the next is a call to action of some sort; and the third can display the advertiser’s url, web page, or phone number.  Now, since there are fewer people bidding for ad space, the ad space itself is less expensive than it would be normally.  And since only one option out of the three available requires a website, one would think that setting up an mobile PPC campaign would be not only less expensive, but also easier.  However, because of the inherent data restrictions of a mobile device, and because most mobile devices do no have the same resolution that a desktop computer does, the challenges of designing an effective advertising campaign are multiplied.