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Meet the magicians that make it all happen, from design to delivery.

Our Leaders

Jaikishan Bajaj

CEO & Founder

Since 2008, he has been vital to our organization, managing extensive digital marketing and web development projects. His leadership spans the organization, driven by a natural ability to guide our team to excellence. He focuses on supreme satisfaction for customers, employees, and society, maintaining our commitment to exceptional service and ethics. His vision propels us toward significant achievements. 


Roshan Bajaj


Since the organization’s inception, he has been a pivotal force, demonstrating steadfast dedication. Specializing in process innovation & launching new initiatives, he has crafted targeted strategies that propel the company forward. His efforts include training individuals future that anticipates industry trends & positions the organization for sustained success. His leadership drives our strategic & operational excellence.

Inder Wadhwani

Business Growth Partner

Eight years ago, Inder made the wise decision to join WebIndia and has been a key part of the organization. He significantly enhances sales growth through his honesty, loyalty, & dedication. His critical role in ensuring client satisfaction, project delivery, and increasing sales revenue has been exemplary. For him, WebIndia is like a second home, where he also takes on a managerial role to foster a positive and productive work culture.


Sunny Panjwani

Strategic Growth Partner

In his eight years at WebIndia Inc., Sunny has played a pivotal role in boosting sales and fostering the organization’s development. His commitment to client satisfaction, increasing client lifetime value, building solid relationships, and ensuring effective communication with managers highlights his contribution. For Sunny, WebIndia is more than a workplace; it’s a family, and he cherishes being a part of this remarkable team.