Paid Search Marketing

Advantages of working with WebIndia Inc

1 – On – 1 Customer Support Provided

This means that our experts will work with you separately (not as part of a group).  They will get to know you, your company, your competitors, your advantages and disadvantages before they come up with a recommended campaign for your company.

Goal Focused Marketing Campaigns

Each Marketing Campaign is focused on one goal.  Whether it be exposure, branding, bringing in consistent and immediate traffic, we will set up a campaign targeted to YOUR needs, not something out of a cookie-cutter factory.

Guarantee For Success Or Money Back

This one is very simple.  If you come to us, If you follow the campaigns designed for you by our experts, then your company will succeed.  If your company does not meet the goals you set, then we will cheerfully refund your money.

Real Solutions For Any Scale!

Whether your business is just starting or well-established, whether it’s a “mom and pop” or a multi-million dollar corporation does not matter.  We will have a campaign designed just for your company which will work!!

“Proven Marketers” means that we have been in business for
over 8 years!!

During those 8 years of business we have gained great exposure over many different markets.  We have also enabled more than 1,000 companies to increase their market share by a significant margin, thus providing the means to turn less profitable companies into larger corporations.

Little about the importance of Paid Search.

Paid search is very important, because it is the means by which a company increases it’s exposure on the internet. When you increase your company’s exposure, you increase your market share. Paid search, when done well, WORKS. Our company does paid search WELL.


Can a paid search campaign be profitable for my business niche?

In a word, yes. Almost every item known has it’s own special niche, and almost every person alive has an interest that they are willing to pay for. Paid search campaigns simply put the two together.

Why should I work with your paid search specialists?

Because we have over 8 years as a company helping other companies make a profit using PPC and other types of paid search management. This means that we are a reliable company and one you can put your trust in. It also means that we have experts in paid marketing who can show you how to create a profit using paid searches.

What can I expect from your paid search experts?

We guarantee that we will successfully grow your company and its profits by a substantial margin.

What inputs do you need to create a profitable paid search campaign?

We need to know what industry you are in, what keywords (if any) you have used in the past with what results, and who your customer base is. We also need to know the goals you have set for your company.

How you are different from other paid search agencies?

We are very different. We have more tools, more employees, more experience than any of our other competitors. We are ethical and respond with integrity to any problems. Finally, we are willing to bear the price of failure.