Google Adwords Setup & Optimization

Google Adwords Setup & Optimization


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Google Ads Setup Service Coverage:

  • Hardcore Keywords Research, Negative Keywords,
  • Creative & Professional Text Ad Design
  • Implementing Site Links Extensions in Ad Design
  • Implementing Phone Extensions & Local Ads Extensions
  • Mobile Ads Implementation
  • Campaigns & Ad Groups Creation (Search campaign, Display & Remarketing)
  • Negative Keywords Insertion at Ad Groups & Campaign Level
  • Campaigns Optimization to get best ROI (Optimization of keywords, ads, bids and other settings)
  • Conversion (Sales) Tracking Setup & Google Analytics Setup.
  • Regular Monitoring, Tracking & Optimization.
  • Competitor Analysis, Sales / Leads Tracking & Improvements.
  • Systematic Weekly / Monthly Reporting with all necessary metrics.

Optimization Service Coverage

Improve the important Key performance metrics:

  • Conversions
  • Cost / Conv
  • Conversion Value
  • CTR (Click through rate)
  • Average Position
  • Avg cost per click

Daily Optimization of all campaigns, adgroups, keywords & text ad copies

Improve the important Key performance metrics:

  • Daily bids adjustments at following levels:
  • Campaign level
  • Adgroup level
  • Keywords level

Keywords filteration

  • Increase traffic on converting keywords
  • Decrease traffic on non converting keywords
  • Check posiive keywords from “Search terms” section
  • Check negative keywords from “Search terms” section

Text Ads Optimization

  • Replace the low CTR Ad copies, with new ones
  • Find out what words are converting in Ad copies
  • Test atleast 1 new ad copy, every week.
  • Testing of minimum 4 Ad copies, in an adgroup

Campaign setting optimization

  • Testing different ad scheduling
  • Testing different geographic locations
  • Testing different demographics
  • Testing different placements sites, in display network
  • Testing different Ad Delivery Type
  • Testing different Bidding strategies & CPA targeting

Google Ads Account Level Optimization

  • Testing the ROI within campaign types: Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing, Call-only
  • Shifting of budget to high ROI areas
  • Focusing on week campaigns, either improve Or else pause them

Landing page testing

  • Designing of different landing page variations and testing them
  • A/b testing of two different landing pages, with different contents / images