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Simple Ways to Fortify Security of Your WordPress Site

Wordpress is undeniably the most popularly used blogging platform and CMS system today. But Wordpress does not just stop from being the favorite system used by bloggers and businesses. It is also known as the hackers’ favorite target. This makes Wordpress one of the most vulnerable sites in the world.

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Why Should you Choose Shopify For Your Online Store?

Of the five major platforms used for e-commerce today, namely; Volusion, BigCommerce, WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace, many online businesses have been using Shopify for no less than a year already. And most of the web based stores that use Shopify have continued to grow their business over the years.

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Why Migrating to Magento a Better Step for Entrepreneurs

As the e-commerce gets more sophisticated and fast-growing nowadays, entrepreneurs have to always keep in track with the latest trends not just to be able to keep their business grow even more and to always keep their sales soaring at the optimum level but also to continue to satisfy their customers’ varied requirements and needs.

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