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Attribution models have played a major role for marketers.    Recently Google announced that they are rolling out data-driven attribution as the default model for all new conversion actions, which will activate in October. It will still leave you with a choice of switching to one of the five rule-based attribution models. What’s in store for marketers with these changes? The data-driven attribution model promises to give more accurate results by analysing all of the relevant data about the touchpoints that led up to a conversion. It considers multiple signals, even the ad format and the time between an ad
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Manual And Automated Optimization
Who is smart, human [manual] or machine [automation]? Well, It seems like we are in the era of automation. Google is executing new functions frequently, related to automation, whether its campaigns or bidding. So let’s talk about the Smart VS Manual Optimization/Strategy/Bidding.  According to my experience, smart bidding works very well when we have some historical conversion data in accounts.We implement smart bidding strategy to get more conversions/revenue than before. Therefore, automation works well when accounts/campaigns have a good history of conversions/revenue. However, this strategy tends to work well for 2 to 3 months and then you will start noticing a decline
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SEO Content Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is known to be an inseparable part of Content Writing. According to statistics, there are more than 3.5 billion searches made on Google every day. SEO is considered to be the most useful way of driving organic traffic to your website through search engine platforms.   Whenever you search for anything on the internet, there are plenty of complex algorithms run in the backend before displaying the results to you. Google search engine will capture the idea of how SEO would function, and then display the results based on the rankings.   Everyone wants their site to
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It seems like google merchant center account suspension is becoming a new trend nowadays, especially for new eCommerce stores & drop shippers. You have to follow Google Ads merchant center policy to prevent suspension.  Previously google merchant center would show warnings or give us a deadline to solve the issues but recently we observed that they are suspending accounts directly without any warning or notification, instead you receive an email about the suspension. Here are some points you need to follow if you want to run a Shopping Campaign in Google Ads. Build Trust with Google: All the information you
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Creation and setting up of a Google Ads Account / Campaign is straightforward. Creating a search campaign, allocating budget, spending the budget of the client, generating traffic etc. is also simple to do. But where is the catch? What is the checkpoint for a real Google Ads Master? It’s the “Optimization” part. Yes! Optimising a well-established account is a challenging task, risk & opportunity oriented, game-changer task. It’s the only task that proves who is a Real Google Ads Master. It’s a checkpoint wherein a Google Ads Certified professional has an opportunity to generate 5x, 10x revenues for the client.
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Do you know about the Google snippet length increase in the organic search results? Google’s longer snippet news has given rise to various questions among site owners and search engine marketers: This post will answer all your questions. This will likewise serve as a guide to leverage this change to your SEO advantage. So, let’s begin! when? When did this happen? It started at about mid-November. It was on November 22nd when SISTRIX’s dataset started to see the increase, and it was more than 50%. As of December 2nd, at least 1 of the top 10 or around 51% of
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Magento is undeniably the leading eCommerce platform today. One of the primary reasons behind this is the ever-growing community of Magento Developers. Although the Magento community edition already offers the basic features needed in setting up a functional e-commerce store, sometimes you need to create your own custom-made extensions or module. As a Magento developer, what should you do when you need to build your own custom module in Magento? Here is a step by step guide for Magento module development. Before you start creating a custom module in Magento, be sure you already have completed Magento installation and have
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Pay-per-click or PPC advertising campaign has become very popular among businesses across the world. Businesses and PPC service providers are implementing different strategies to be able to attract the target audience as well as to gain better results. Picking the right company that offers PPC services is very critical to the success of your paid advertising effort since the results of your investment greatly rely on their ability to handle your PPC campaign. It is also equally important that you know the basic elements that can contribute to the overall success of the campaign. Here are some of the things
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The good thing about search engine marketing (SEM) is that both small and medium-sized businesses can fairly compete with giant corporations. Before, because advertising products and services cost a huge sum of money, only those large businesses can be able to advertise their products on known television and radio stations as well as in popular magazines and newspapers. But the world wide web has completely turned things around for small enterprises. Today, even with a small budget, businesses can be able to enhance the visibility of their products and reach out to a wider audience. But running a PPC campaign,
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If you are a pay per click marketer, you might have already known the essence of getting a high-Quality Score. These simple steps can help you to save money, improve PPC ad position and boost ad campaigns. The Quality Score is a metric utilized by different PPC platforms such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords, in determining the eligibility of an ad that is being displayed on the results page of the search engines. It is also being used to determine the position of the advertisement in the search results as well as the amount that the advertiser need to
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