Display Advertising

What is a Display ad ?

Display Advertising

A display ad is simply an ad that has had pictures, media, and/or flash added to the basic text.  Display ads can be extremely effective, as they engage the viewer’s senses in multiple ways using sight, sound, and the sense of motion.

Why are Display ads important to your business ?

Because they engage the customer on more levels than that of a simple text ad, display ads are recognized as being very important to an ad campaign.  In fact, it is difficult these days to find an ad that is only a text ad.  Almost all ads have some sort of picture, picture with motion, or video display.

A display search is a specialized type of search which looks through the internet looking for appropriate pictures, banners, and other media.  This is usually done by people needing fresh designs for an ad(s) which they are constructing.

Why should you use this company to generate your Display ads ?

Remember that these days, an ad which is only text is considered incomplete.  Advertisers are always looking for new and more effective ways to build consumer awareness, influence their consideration of products and drive the consumer to take action—like going to your website with the intention of  buying your product.  The most favored outcome is to buy on your website, but other activities are also looked for like: generating calls,  traffic, or even mobile app installs.

Our Display Advertising Solutions

Display Advertising Solutions

We will target the most likely audience for your niche with ads geared to that population.  We will then retarget that same audience several times through emails and advertising shared on sites chosen to reach that same audience.  We do this through a combination of contextual targeting and placement site targeting.  The first is using search engines to search the context of many different websites at once and place your ads on those that most closely match the keywords choosen to reach your targeted audience. (Like putting an ad for football helmets on a website about football).  Placement site targeting is placing ads on websites chosen by us to target your specific product.


Can Display campaign be profitable for my business niche?

Display ad campaigns not only can be profitable for your business niche, they are demonstrably one of the most potent tools that can be used to promote your business, no matter what niche it is in.

What can I expect from your display advertising experts?

You can expect our digital display advertising experts to know their stuff. You can also expect them to treat you with respect, and to involve you in every step of your display ad campaign from start to finish. They will explain not only what they are doing, they will explain why they are doing it.

How you are different from other display advertising company?

We have integrity as our watch word. We also make a point of transparent operations, which means that you will be able to see and participate in what we are doing.