Magento Marketing

Magento Marketing

Magento provides many marketing tools, including SEO marketing tools such as Meta Title, Meta Key works and Meta description.  It also provides you with the ability to use canonical urls and will allow you to place category names in the urls. However, Magento is also lacking some important SEO features that can be enhanced using third party extensions. We can help in this area by suggesting and integrating such magento marketing extension. We can also integrate an appropriate robots.txt to your website, and can generate a sitemap.xml for you so that your clients can navigate your site more easily.


Social Media Marketing

Engaging you customer base via social media can increase your business using the power of synergy. The synergistic effect begins when your customers find your “page” on Facebook, share it to their friends, who just have to go check out your website, and then repeat the cycle on Pinterest, Twitter, and a whole host of other sites. Most of this extra exposure is free (which is an added benefit to you) and all of it is beneficial.  We can help you get this synergy started by integrating social media extensions to your existing Magento structure.  This will add buttons so that your customers can “like” and “share” about your store on Facebook, Google Plus, and many other social media programs.

Benefits of Using WebIndia Inc

The biggest benefit to using Web India is that we have been in E-commerce marketing since before E-commerce had a name.  We were first incorporated in 2008.  This means that our marketing experts are just that—experts.  You can expect us to construct your e-commerce store so that it looks and feels professional.  You can expect that your site will function as you need it to.  You can expect that your store will express your style and your product with a fresh, polished look—not something recycled from something else.  You can also expect to pay a very fair price for all of this.