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Google Increases Title and Description Length – How Should Your Team Respond?

Do you know about the Google snippet length increase in the organic search results? Google’s longer snippet news has given rise to various questions among site owners and search engine marketers, this post will answer all your questions. This will likewise serve as a guide to leverage this change to your SEO advantage.

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Malware Recovery: What to Do When Google Says You’ve Been Hacked

You are doing very well in your business, your website is always updated and you always have a good ranking when it comes to Google. However, one fine day all this comes down crashing. Your heart sinks down when one fine day you see that the traffic on your website has gone down considerably and there are multiple malware warnings from Google. You don’t know what happened and how it happened and before you start assuming let us tell you, it’s not the website fault or an error committed by any employee. If there are warning from Google about malware on your website it is not an error and cannot be taken lightly. It is possible that a hacker may have accessed your website, uploaded the malicious code and left. Yes, this may happen no matter however secure your website is.

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