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Why You Should Choose Shopify For Your Online Store

Of the five major platforms used for e-commerce today, namely; Volusion, BigCommerce, WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace, many online businesses have been using Shopify for no less than a year already. And most of the web-based stores that use Shopify have continued to grow their business over the years.
Online entrepreneurs have a variety of reasons why they have chosen Shopify. But the common denominator stated by these businessmen is that Shopify store development provides the best one stop solution for their online business. Shopify does not merely make it easy for the businesses to manage their online stores but it also allows customers to shop with ease and freedom.
But, what really drives business owners to choose Shopify e-commerce over the other popular platforms? Here are some of the advantages of Shopify that makes it a top choice platform for web based stores.

Backend simple administration

The simplicity of Shopify makes it one of the reasons why it is more widely used than the other platforms. Its backend system is implausibly easy, clean, organized, simple and functional. Shopify has also wonderfully synchronized paste-in Analytics fields, setup checklist and drop down settings. Its laidback feature allows store owners to easily organize tasks, do the inventory, change menus, add posts and pages, and change the settings. It also allows storeowners to efficiently attend to their customers and to make additional product listing with no trouble.

“Beautiful design essence”

The kinds of theme you use for your online store greatly affect how it appears. Themes make it easy for storeowners to build a visually compelling and appealing web-based store. Although platforms like BigCommerce and Volution are created by the same company and that some other platforms like WordPress have a wide selection of fantastically beautiful themes, only Shopify offers the perfect themes that suit each and every online store needs. Shopify has theme architecture that is very functional and user-friendly, complete with the essential software and hardware features such as shopping cart, inventory and payment stab which are found to be very essential in running an online store. It enables professionals to set up and customize themes easily and to create not just a good looking but also a highly operational online store.

“Dedicated customer-centric team”

The dedicated customer-centric support team of Shopify always treats their customers with utmost care and professionalism.

“Fantastic myriad built-in features”

The fantastic built-in features of Shopify are considered as its primary strength. The built-in features give its users robust, high security and fast speed hosting. Shopify has all of the essential parts and pieces to make a web-based store in one place. Plus, Shopify offers a great community structure around the service.
All the vitalities of technical significance are also professionally managed, unless otherwise you go for WPengine in WordPress installation. Shopify also offers a box full of tools essential in selling everything under one roof. So regardless of whether you are dealing with analytics, blogging, inventory management, upsells, cross-sells or coupon codes, you can always rely on Shopify.[/vc_column_text][/porto_content_box][porto_content_box][vc_custom_heading text=”Various payment gateways”][vc_column_text]One of the most difficult parts of running an online business is handling payments. If you are using Magento or WordPress for your online shop, you will need to always obtain add-ons at each and every gateway. But it is far smoother all the way with Shopify as it offers an efficient gateway for handling payment.

“Cost Effective”

Shopify e-commerce store is perfectly suited for small retail stores and short term storefront. It is cost effective and more affordable as compared to other e-commerce platforms. With Shopify, you do not have to pay an upfront development cost. Instead, you will be paying the cost in a monthly basis.

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