Why Migrating to Magento a Better Step for Entrepreneurs

As the e-commerce gets more sophisticated and fast-growing nowadays, entrepreneurs have to always keep in track with the latest trends not just to be able to keep their business grow even more and to always keep their sales soaring at the optimum level but also to continue to satisfy their customers’ varied requirements and needs.


What is Magento?

Magento is an e-commerce software and platform made on open source technology that is written in PHP.It was originally developed by a US private company known as Varien Inc. Magento allows online entrepreneurs to have control over the functionality, content and appearance of their e-commerce store. It features a highly flexible and easy to use shopping cart system and a powerful catalog management tools. Magento e-commerce platform also offers tools essential for search engine optimization and online marketing.

Why should entrepreneurs need to migrate to Magento?


If you are looking for an e-commerce platform that offers unlimited business growth, flexibility and scalability, then considering a migration to Magento e-commerce platform can be one of the wisest decisions you can ever make for your online business. This seamless way to immensely increase the efficiency of your online store does not just help you get your business to the pinnacle of success but it also puts an end to the difficulties and issues that you encounter with your current platform in terms of navigation, shopping cart, order tracking and marketing.advantage-banner


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“Advantages of Magento”

  • With Magento, you can export products.
  • It has a sophisticated catalog management tool that allows you to easily export and import your catalog after some modifications with the use of advanced import profiles. This can save you more time and unnecessary work.
  • Magento has many new features that are useful to your online store. You can readily utilize these features without having to develop them first since they come by default with Magento.
  • You can easily control orders (approve, create, hold, cancel or edit).
  • It allows you to control and manage multiple stores on one platform and one admin dashboard even if they are completely different from each other.


  • It highlights customizable marketing tools ( featured products, bestsellers, discounts, crossels, coupons and newsletters) which you can get in Magento by default as part of its promotion.
  • You can easily customize and create your products attributes.
  • Mageto has the best analytics and reports tools that allows you to take full control over the essential information of your business including search phrases and terms used by customers, orders, sales and customers. It also features integrated Google Analytics.
  • You need not to worry about paying for an annual or monthly payment since Magento e-commerce platform is an open-source project.
  • You can easily customize your online store according to your preferences and business needs
  • It allows you to also migrate your online store’s current design. However, to make it more fitting, you need to do additional development.
  • It offers a superb community packed with many free downloadable extensions.