The Reports Tab: Easiest Way to Create Reports

Google AdWords has added a new feature called The Reports Tab, this useful feature will roll out to all accounts in the upcoming few months. In case, you can’t see the reports tab in your account, you can still use the reports section in the left navigation bar to edit, find or remove reports.
The reports tab is the option where you can view, organize and evaluate all your data. With this easy to use feature, you can create advanced tables, charts, and handy -ready- made reports. In this feature you have the option to get visualized meaningful patterns and trends in your AdWords data.

Introduction Of The Report Editor:

Report tab
The report tab is a tool to visually slice and dice your data from within your browser.
A simple the drag-and-drop option allows you to build and manipulate quick multi-dimensional tables and charts. It reduces the need for data downloading for deeper analysis.
Multi-segment analysis lets you maintain your data with good granularity in your tables and charts.
With custom charts, you can instantly visualize the patterns and trends for your data.
The best feature of report tab is its advanced filtering and sorting, this feature allows you to filter on segmented metrics (for example, mobile clicks) and sort by multiple columns.
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Advantages of Using The Reports Tab:

In reports tab you will find a set of ready-made reports to answer specific questions about your data. These are called “pre-defined reports.” They can be used as a starting point for a new saved report that you can edit, download, schedule and share.

1. Firstly, Sign in to your Google AdWords account.

2.Then, Click the Reports tab at the top of your account.

3.Then, Click the “Pre-defined reports” drop-down menu at the top left of your screen, and click on a pre-defined report to open it in the Report Editor.

4.Finally, a pre-defined report shows up

The reports tab permits you easy to use access to your saved reports, as well as a set of created pre-defined reports. Any of these reports can be saved, downloaded, edited and shared.
At the moment, reports that you have saved while downloading from the campaigns tab won’t function the same way as the reports you have created in the report tab. Some of these reports available in the campaigns tab while others will be available for download only.

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