Google announced “Phantom 2- The Quality Update”


With all surprises, Google’s results have been changed since the beginning of May, and after this roll out Google’s official has confirmed that this happen because of a change with how it handle content quality. It is known as “The Quality Update”. This will be the biggest challenge for all SEO services across the world.

From beginning of the last month, there have been booming in the SEO companies across the world due to strange change in Google positions for many firms/companies. These changes were absolutely very much speculative of a Google update and were a variety of ups and downs that left many marketing professionals mixed reactions and even they have seen scratching their heads due to this change.

But as Google has revealed that those result changes were happen due to an update in their algorithm. This update is known as “Phantom 2 – The Quality Update”. Google has also disclosed that their latest update is mainly focused on content quality uploaded to the websites.

By now, the quality of the content on your website will be focused and this new update actually confirm that they are very serious about penalizing poor quality content over internet. But do you know, what do they mean when stating poor quality content? As a digital marketing firm who accepts a holistic style, we are continuous updating website content for our valuable clients, which helps their business as well as their SERPs ranking.


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