Six Sure-Fire Tips for Successful Low Budget PPC Advertising

The good thing about search engine marketing (SEM) is that both small and medium-sized businesses can fairly compete with giant corporations. Before, because advertising products and services cost a huge sum of money, only those large businesses can advertise their products on known television and radio stations as well as in popular magazines and newspapers. But the World Wide Web has completely turned things around for small enterprises. Today, even with the small budget, businesses can enhance the visibility of their products and reach out to a wider audience.
But running a PPC campaign, especially with a small budget, can be quite difficult. The thought of striving to be successful on top of your competition with a large PPC campaign budget is astounding. Here are some handy tips that you may follow to get the most favorable results of your PPC campaigns out of your low budget.

Focus on one product

If it is your first time to start a PPC campaign and your budget is relatively low, never try to promote everything your business offers. It would be best if you focus on one product or service. Study, which of the products or services that you offer are most well-known, has the greatest conversion rate, and can give you the highest profit margin. If you already have an idea of which of your products or services fits into the said criteria, then you can start the planning process for your PPC campaign.

Structure ad groups and campaigns

One sure-fire way to succeed in a low-budget pay-per-click campaign is to effectively structure the ad groups, keywords, and campaigns within the account. With this, you can match landing pages, keywords, and ads more effectively which is very helpful in boosting the Quality Score.
Campaign Structure 1
Quality Score or QS is one of the aspects that are used to assess the performance of your PPC advertising campaign. Google grade each of the keywords you have in your account through QS. If your QS is high, your ads also have a higher chance to be positioned in a more relevant placement to a search query. This only means that you will have to pay less for the said ad position.

Geotarget best areas for your ads

In case you do not know yet, the default target locations for new campaigns are Canada and the United States. If you want to reach a specific audience, you need to choose the best geographic location where your ad campaign will be displayed. For instance, if your business caters to users from Australia, you would need to change the location to Australia. In this sense, you are sure that your target audience will see your ads.

Keep your ads as simple and concise as possible.

One effective way to successfully promote your products or services is to keep your ads as simple and concise as possible. It should contain keywords in an ad group that perfectly matches the ad text to get a higher Quality Score and better relevancy. Here is a quick outline that you can use when creating simple and concise yet effective ads.
Google Adwords Recently Launched the New Format Ad-copies and changed the standard text ads into Expanded Text Ads.
Expanded text ads are the next generation of text ads. Expanded Text ads will show across all devices – desktop and mobile – and will wrap automatically based on device size. Expanded text ads give advertisers additional control over their messaging, and provide users with more information before they click your ad.

Expanded text ads differ from standard text ads in a few specific ways. They have:

Expanded Text Ad Creation Screen 3

Target one ad network

One important note when starting an AdWords PPC campaign is to choose and focus on one ad network at a time. If you target more than one ad network per campaign, you are also at risk of obtaining adverse effects on the overall campaign results. Google Adwords provides a number of different campaign types. Of these types, you should consider the top three primary mediums- the Search Network, Display Network, and Google Shopping.
The Search Network is the most common PPC example. With this type of ad network, only plain text ads show up in the search engine results pages of Google. With the Display Network, Google places ads across its Display Network. This type of ad network usually includes static image ads, text ads, a combination of static image plus text ads, or animated banners. Google Shopping is the one network being used by most E-commerce advertisers. It displays individual products on the Google search results pages. It also shows up in Google’s “Shopping” tab.
Google Advertising Network 600x370 1

Seek professional help

If you want to be sure that you can get the most of your low-budget PPC campaign, you can hire a professional advertiser that provides PPC management services for a small fraction of the cost.