5 Easy Steps to Get 10/10 Keywords Quality Score in Google Adwords

If you are a pay per click marketer, you might have already known the essence of getting a high-Quality Score. These simple steps can help you to save money, improve PPC ad position and boost ad campaigns.

The Quality Score is a metric utilized by different PPC platforms such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords, in determining the eligibility of an ad that is being displayed on the results page of the search engines. It is also being used to determine the position of the advertisement in the search results as well as the amount that the advertiser need to pay for the said position.

The Quality Score is considered as the primary key to attaining success in paid search marketing campaign. It is graded on a scale of 1 to 10, where 7 is regarded as above average. If you earn a higher Quality Score, you will have the privilege to pay a lesser amount per click as compared to other advertisers who are bidding on the same keyword but with lower Quality Score. An advertisement that contains a keyword with a Quality Score that is 2 or less may be deemed eligible and may not be shown on search results. This is the reason why it is very important for advertisers especially those with only low budget to focus more on getting a higher Quality Score in order for them to improve ROI and to cut down advertising cost.

It might sound easy enough, but calculating and getting a higher QS can be at times confusing and frustrating especially in the eyes of those new in PPC advertising. In fact, even those advertisers and PPC services providers who are well-versed with paid search marketing campaign sometimes find it hard and puzzling to master and to fully comprehend this metric.

Highly optimized QS will not only save you money but will also help enhance the position of your ad and boost your PPC campaigns’ overall performance. Here are a few easy to follow steps that you can take to improve your Quality Score.


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