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Cause of Google Merchant Center Account Suspension

It seems like google merchant center account suspension is becoming a new trend nowadays, especially for new eCommerce stores & drop shippers. You have to follow Google Ads merchant center policy to prevent suspension. 

Previously google merchant center would show warnings or give us a deadline to solve the issues but recently we observed that they are suspending accounts directly without any warning or notification, instead you receive an email about the suspension.

Here are some points you need to follow if you want to run a Shopping Campaign in Google Ads.

    • Make true statements about products, qualifications, or your identity. Avoid making any false or deceptive statements.
    • It would be best if you were a verified reseller. You should claim to be a verified reseller, only if you have an authorised proof for the same.
    • Advertise only for those brands and products that you have in stock 
    • Deliver products on-time to users once they make a payment. 
    • Use a card that google can verify and accept. 
    • If you got your google ads account suspended in the past, kindly use a new/fresh card, to create a new account.
    • Use a physical card OR a card that is issued by the bank. Do not use the one time card or virtual card.
    • Your Card details should match with Billing Name or Card Holder Name, if it does not match, google assumes that you are using a stolen card.

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